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GFU Bruins athletic logos

The GF logo and the Bruin Bear logo are the official logos for George Fox University athletics. The logos are designed to reflect the attributes of the Bruins: powerful and aggressive, suggesting movement and speed.

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Please refer to the Athletics Brand Guidelines for more information about the logos and usage.

The George Fox Athletic Brand

A bruin is a powerful animal that’s fiercely protective of its home turf and fights for its family when a threat is nearby. It is deceptively fast as fast as a tiger and at the top of its food chain. A bruin, first referenced more than 500 years ago in Dutch folklore, is a mighty bear not easily defeated. At George Fox University, we are Bruins.

When we set out to rebrand the George Fox University athletics department, we needed to be reminded of our own Bruin power and needed a vision that reflects the truth of our program. With two Division III national championships, five individual national championships and 30 conference titles in the last decade, we are a school with a very competitive and successful athletics department. Of equal importance, our student athletes are mentored, challenged and affirmed by coaches who are deeply committed to a loving God. Being competitive and being Christ like are not incompatible goals; our vision statement arose from this.

  • Vision: To be “the team to beat” in NCAA Div. III sports with the most formative athletic experience in the country.

Our marketing team used that vision to craft a new logo and graphic identity that showcases our brand image in a classically collegiate way with an aggressive modern edge. They embody strength, stability and a hint of menace. The creation of the Bruin Athletics symbols required hundreds of hours, dozens of iterations and months to complete. The end result speaks for itself; the Bruins are not to be messed with.

Our vision reminds us that Bruins are born competitors. We’re ready to play, ready to win and ready to transform lives in the process.

The development of the George Fox University Athletic Brand
Color history: Since at least 1905 (when the university was still known as Pacific College), old gold and navy blue have been the school colors. Gold represents integrity, quality and high value. Blue is trustworthy and conveys strength. George Fox teams embrace a "blue collar" work ethic.
Mascot history: The Bruin has been associated with George Fox since 1897 when a professor kept a bear on campus. It became the unofficial school mascot after its death and led to the school’s Bruin Jr. class competition that still exists today. The Bruin was officially adopted as mascot in 1970.
The Bruin head logo (center), developed in 2004 and refined in 2012, is unique among bear sports logos. It is simple and less cartoon-like than many.
The Bruin head logo was refined to be more stylistically unified, more aggressive and distinct.
The interlocking GF logo was used by the baseball team in the 2000s. It is clearly inspired by major league logos, such as those of the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres.
An in-house design team went through scores of variations of the GF logotype before settling upon a favorite.
The new “Game Time” GF logo replaces the baseball logo and is a mark for all sports teams. It is bold, angular and simple. The clever use of negative space in the G forms the F.
Brand elements: The new GF logo joins the Bruin logo and a custom typeface to create a unified look for athletics.
The new GF logo and typeface borrow the “fang” design element from the Bruin logo. The fangs on the GF logo and typeface imply movement and aggression and visually tie the George Fox athletics brand elements together.
Logo applications: athletic letters, uniforms and fan apparel, banners and signage.
The GF logo and font is featured on the George Fox athletics website.
George Fox University athletics Vision, Mission, Values.