Honorary Football Coach

Willie Stoffer
Willie Stoffer
Title: Honorary Football Coach (2016-)
Remembering Willie Stoffer
Willie Stoffer served as an honorary football coach for the George Fox football team from 2016 to 2017. Willie was a constant presence on the George Fox University campus and an integral part of the George Fox football team from its most current inception in 2014.
Every Monday during the 2017 season, Coach Willie provided the team with a theme for the week via email. On Thursdays, he attended practice and followed up on his weekly challenges to encourage the team for their upcoming game. His calls to never quit and strive for excellence always resonated with the players. If you looked carefully on a Saturday afternoon during George Fox football games, you would always see a young man sitting close to the field in a wheelchair, cheering the team on. 
Willie had many physical challenges, but he never let those deter him. He was on the sidelines for as many games as he could be at during the season, and when his health prevented him from coming, he watched from home and provided cheers in digital form.
Coach Willie was fiercely courageous and never, ever quit. His positive spirit empowered others to see the best in people and to always, always strive for greatness. He passed away shortly before the final game of the 2017 season, and while his time with the team was brief, his legacy will shape the Bruin football program for years to come.

Go, Bruins!”