Craig Inglesby, Director of the Bridge Network

Craig Inglesby
Craig Inglesby
Title: Director of the Bridge Network (2017-)

Craig Inglesby heads the university's Bridge Network Leadership Program, a mentorship initiative for student-athletes.

He arrived at George Fox in 2018 after serving 20 years with Young Life, a parachurch outreach ministry. He spent 19 years at the Washington Family Ranch assisting in the restoration and renovation of the former Rajneesh compound in Central Oregon. His Young Life career allowed him to do roles that incorporated recruiting, fundraising, camp operations, risk management and mentoring. 

During the summer of 2017, Craig and his wife Kathi moved to Newberg with their family to establish a Young Life presence on the George Fox campus. Craig has a passion to invest in students and develop leaders, and a heart to work collaboratively.